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A picture of the hotel when it was still known as the Commercial HotelThe Oceanic Hotel

The Oceanic Hotel can be found at number 2 Bank Street in Wesbank, East London. The hotel was established in 1848 making it the oldest hotel in East London and is also classified as a historical building. Located close to the new IDZ area merging new with old. The hotel is known as a friendly, homey place where everyone is welcome.


The hotel's for sale sign when it was placed in the market in 1967 by the Budlender'sThe past

If hotels could speak, the Oceanic Hotel would not be short on stories. This hotel has seen a frequent change of ownership, with each owner leaving their unique imprint on the hotel. The history of the hotel is closely link to that of East London as it was due to Sir Henry Smith's decision to proclaim the the annexation of the port together with a 2 mile rayon of ground as part of the Cape Colony and named it "The Port of East London". Trading licence's were granted for general stores, a London Tavern and a hotel. This was the inception of the Commercial Hotel, which later became known as the Oceanic Hotel.

Unfortunately, plentiful information on who owned the hotel and when is not available. We do know that when the hotel was named the Commercial Hotel, records showed that a J Dinwall, M Currie (1908) & Mrs. AM Roberts (1919) were the proprietors. Since the name changed to the Oceanic Hotel a J Abel (1924), Ruban & Sylvia Budlender (Dec 1953 - Dec 1967), Mr. & Mrs. Lombard (1980's) and family until late 2000's. The RENT Trust first acquired partial ownership in 2005, and became sole owner in 2010.

Map to the Oceanic Hotel in Wesbank, East Londonthe present

The RENT Trust group has decided to restore the hotel to its glory days and the hotel has already seen various changes in the past few years. Expansions to the hotel aslo include the restoration of houses in the area that can be rented for accomadation for those guest that prefer a more luxerious room. The Daily Dispatched, East London's newspaper, did an article on the expansion.

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*If you have any information on the hotel's past please feel free to send it to us. Sources: Waresin, . (1990). Survey of Built Environment Survey A.4. & Clive Bundler whose parents owned the hotel from Dec 1953 - Dec 1967.